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samp and bean curry

Durban Style, Samp & Bean Curry

To say that today was a rush, is an understatement. I knew exactly what I wanted to cook, in fact I knew yesterday and possibly the day before, that I wanted to try a Samp & Bean Curry. My plan was to make Naan Bread to accompany it. What could be more delicious than some […]


Sugar Bean Curry as Braai Accompaniment

Us South African’s sure love to braai & us Durbanite’s sure love our curry – why not combine the two. Here is the recipe for the sugar beans. It is not complicated at all, due to the all-in-one Masala.Everybody has their own recipe for beans, but this is how I cooked this specific dish. The […]

4 bean curry recipe

4 Bean Curry as Accompaniment or Starter

My lovely wife and I knocked this 4 bean curry together in 15 mins, whilst we were busy cooking Sunday lunch. It was supposed to be an accompaniment, but we ended up eating it with fresh bread and butter, as a starter whilst we were cooking. This is what life is about. INGREDIENTS 1 Can […]

sugar bean durban bunny chow recipe

Sugar Bean Curry Recipe

Sugar Beans Bunny …. what more can I say? In the late 80’s, early 90’s, some of my very best days (or should I say, early mornings), were spent with my friends eating R2 Bean Bunnys at a takeaway called Willowtree on Durban’s beachfront after a night out on the town. “Going for a beans”, […]

HELP – We Need Veg Recipes

Greetings Curry Lover – As you can see, we are short on veg curry recipes. It would be easy to copy some from the web, but that would go against the spirit of our blog. If you have a great veg curry recipe, please may you share it via email to or via the […]