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dhania and cumin seeds tasted

I made Joshua Weissman’s Chicken Tikka Masala

Last night I made Joshua Weissman’s Tikka Masala. Started off by toasting a tablespoon of dhania seeds and a half teaspoon of cumin seeds. (Next time will do full teaspoon), after which I ground them up to a powder. Then into the spice grinder, I added 7 cloves of garlic, a thumb sized piece of […]


Let’s Burn Away The Tummy Bug with a Super Hot Chicken Curry

This morning our ‘almost six’ year old daughter woke up not feeling well. This is super unusual for us, as we are hardly ever sick. As she was walking out the front door this morning, up it came. Shame poor nunu. Then it started, ping, ping, ping on my wife’s phone, as the little ones […]

Durban Chicken Curry

Very Simple Hot & Spicy Durban Chicken Curry Recipe

If you would like to try our amazing All-in-One Masala, you can buy some from our Online Store for delivery anywhere in South Africa in 3-4 working days. Here are some more CHICKEN CURRY RECIPES. You are invited to join our Facebook Group, where a wonderful group of people share their love of cooking Durban Curry.


Practicing cooking Durban Chicken Breyani

Yesterday, I had my heart set on really taking my time and practicing cooking a proper Durban Chicken Breyani, using my sample of Durban Curry Lovers, Breyani Masala. This is a new addition to the Durban Curry Lovers range of all-in-one masalas, and will be available on our online store in the second week of […]

durban chicken curry recipe

The Easiest Durban Chicken Curry EVER

Earlier this afternoon, I cooked a cheeky Chicken Breast Fillet Curry for myself and it came out awesome. Perhaps too awesome, as when I sent a photo to my wonderful wife to tease her, she promptly instructed me that I had better have some Chicken Curry waiting for her when she got home. Being the […]

Real Quick & Easy Chicken & Veg Curry (12 mins)

I had 2 chicken breast fillets left over from last nights peri-peri chicken burgers, which I needed to use. I am quite busy at the moment, working from home and did not have lots of time to cook lunch. I also had a tin of Gold Dish Hot Veg Curry, it only seemed logical to […]

BIR Style (sort of) Chicken Curry

BIR or “British Indian Restaurant” is a style of curry cooking which originated in the (duh) curry restaurants & takeaways in England. The technique involves pre-cooking a “base gravy”, as well separately pre-cooking your protein, and then cooking individual portions in a pan to order. When the orders come in, it is just a matter […]


Chicken Breyani Recipe

Chicken Breyani is a delicious Indian rice dish which made with of spices, moist marinated chicken and vegetables. Breyani is a much loved dish and the hard work which it takes to cook a traditional Breyani is much appreciated by all who are lucky enough to eat your master creation. Whilst it may seem like […]


Durban Chicken Curry Recipe

You may have tasted a Chicken Curry before, but you have never tasted a Chicken Curry until you have tasted a Durban Chicken Curry. Fiery hot with a wonderful gravy that soaks into the potatoes to teach you a lesson in deliciousness. Ingredients 2 tablespoons ghee (or butter) 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 tablespoon of […]