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Durban Style, Samp & Bean Curry

Samp & Beans Curry

To say that today was a rush, is an understatement.

I knew exactly what I wanted to cook, in fact I knew yesterday and possibly the day before, that I wanted to try a Samp & Bean Curry.

My plan was to make Naan Bread to accompany it. What could be more delicious than some fresh Garlic Naan Bread with some Hot & Spicy Durban Curry?

This morning started off very busy at work. I hardly got time to put the samp and beans in to soak, but I remembered to do it at about 11:30

I rinsed the raw samp and beans five or six times and then set them aside in separate bowls of water for a couple of hours. My plan was to start cooking at about 3pm. Although they ideally should soak overnight.

I am not sure if there are other reasons, but I was told that when you soak the beans, they release a certain sugar into the water. This sugar is what brings on the famous flatulence after eating beans, so I had a good giggle to myself when I rinsed the beans after soaking, and poured the liquid farts down the drain.

Anyway, onto something a bit more appetizing.

I put the samp and beans onto a slow boil. They had been boiling for about 30 minutes when my phone rang. It was my wonderful wife. She finished a meeting early and could shoot me through to Cape Town to collect my car, which has been in the panelbeaters.

Ok, lets go. I turned the stove off and left the samp & beans to soak in the hot water.

Three and a half crikey hours later, we got home. Cape Town traffic is no fun, I am so glad we live in the countryside.

First things first. Wash hands, taste beans.

Well, whaddya know. They are almost perfect.

Now I am already rushed and I still have to cook a separate meal for the kids. The older one has never liked any sort of bean, and the baby girl is just that. I decide to make a pasta for them, to complicate things even more, the little girl does not like mushrooms so I have to do two versions of the creamy bacon pasta. (There is something that I wanted to try with the mushrooms, so just making one version was out of the question.)

Anyway, I turn to my trust food processor and into it I bomb a large onion, 2 green chillies, 3 dry red chillies, some curry leaves, some dhania and fresh ginger. I had no fresh garlic, so I just added some of that horrible store bought chopped stuff into the pot to sizzle with the ghee, rather than stink out my food processor.

10 seconds later, ready for action. I can not tell you more sincerely, this is now my go-to method.

Just look at this. Bursting with flavour.

In go my onions etc into the pot, which is already sizzling with some ghee and garlic.

I let this cook down until the pot starts to go dry and then I add a few splashes of hot kettle water, give it a good mix and then, whilst occasionally stirring, let it cook down and soften.

When the water has cooked off, I then added 2 heaped tablespoons of Durban Curry Lovers, all-in-one Masala. Gave it a good mix and, again whilst stirring occasionally, let the spices temper in with the mixture.

As above, when the pot starts to go dry, add some hot kettle water. You will not believe the difference it makes to your masala. Mix it all up and let it cook down until the water evaporates.

I use this method to temper my spices, as I have drastically cut down on the amount of oil that I use.

It works, do not let anybody tell you any different.

Now that my masala was nicely tempered and the foundation of my gravy was ready, it was time to add the tomatoes. I just used three salad tomatoes, as they were ripe and I did not want them to go to waste.

Jam tomatoes are best, but let’s not waste food. It is a blessing.

Well, the tomatoes did not feel like they were being blessed, when I blitzed them in the food processor.

Again, a job that would have taken me 5 minutes to grate the tomatoes, took me 10 seconds.

In went the tomato. All hail to the food processor, my new best friend.

Mix, mix, mix and let cook down until you can see the oil separate from the gravy.

Now it is time to add the samp & beans, in they go with the water that they were cooked in.

I turned the flame down to low and let it all simmer for 30-45 minutes, while I turned my attention to the kids pasta. The WW (wonderful wife), is on a juice diet, so I cunningly chose to make the kids something with bacon in it.

Between dishing for the kids, I made a small plate of sambals to serve with the curry.

Oh ja, I was supposed to serve it with Naan Bread, but I did not have any yeast so I made some rice.

There was a beautiful sky outside our kitchen window, so in a soppy serenade to the beauty of Gods creation, I attempt to recreate it in my rice. It kinda worked and I was kinda chuffed, but not as chuffed as I would have been with some freshly made Naan …. maybe tomorrow.

Ahh, a beautiful sunset. Let’s make rice.

Anyway, after all that. I got to dish.

Although the photo does not do it justice, this was one of the most enjoyable meals that I have had for a very longtime.

I will sure be making it again, but will definitely put more samp in as it was the star of the show.

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Oh, this is how the pasta came out.

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