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Samoosa Filling Recipes

Thank you very much to Elaine N for sharing these recipes to her fillings with me when I was attempting to make samoosas for the very first time. It is not easy, I can tell you that, but with a bit of practice it gets easier and easier. Your kindness if very much appreciated. Frying […]

4 bean curry recipe

4 Bean Curry as Accompaniment or Starter

My lovely wife and I knocked this 4 bean curry together in 15 mins, whilst we were busy cooking Sunday lunch. It was supposed to be an accompaniment, but we ended up eating it with fresh bread and butter, as a starter whilst we were cooking. This is what life is about. INGREDIENTS 1 Can […]

curry sambals recipe

How to make carrot salad sambals for Durban Curry

No Durban Curry is complete without being accompanied by the famous carrot salad which we call Sambals. It is very easy to make and adds a delicious freshness and crunch to the meal. Everybody has their own recipe and idea of the perfect sambal, so please see this recipe as a starting point to you […]

The Original Battered & Deep Fried Mutton Curry Roti

I was cooking Mutton Curry & Roti for the family the other night, when boom – along came an idea which I really could not resist. What if I battered and deep fried the mutton curry filled roti? It was a little tricky to get the saucy rolled roti battered and deep fried, without the […]

curry braai sauce for pap

Lekker Curry Sauce for braai pap

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Durban Curry Recipes (@durban_curry_recipes) Hint: Why not try make your own Garlic & Ginger Paste and your own Dhania & Jeera Powder. Your neighbour will thank you. To learn a little bit more about how to make traditional Pap en Sous, read this great article on […]