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durban curry breakfast bun

Mutton Curry Breakfast Buns

Mutton Curry Breakfast Buns It is Saturday morning and I had some Muton Curry left over from our experiment to try and figure out if, “Durban Curry is really better the next day”. What could be better than curry for breakfast? So with a song in my heart, I knocked these breakfast buns together for […]

Can I use a Food Processor when Cooking a Durban Curry?

It is Friday night and that can only mean one thing …. bunny chows. I had just over a kg of mutton, the last of a whole leg that I asked the butcher to cut into cutlets for me. I then divide it up into 4 portions and hand cut it into curry pieces when […]

Durban Mutton Curry Recipe

Aunty Maurine’s Durban Mutton Curry

Thank you to the amazing Maurine Cassie, for sharing her recipe with our Durban Curry Lovers Group. Ingredients 2kg Mutton 5 Medium Potatoes (halved or cubed) 1 Onion 2 Tablespoons of whole Breyani Mix (Fennel seeds, Cinnamon sticks, Bay leaves, Whole cloves, Green elachie, Star Aniseed and black elcha.) 3 Heaped tablespoons mixed Masala Half […]

Curried Mutton Stew with Dumplings

Curried Mutton Stew with Dumplings

This wonderful meal was cooked by Lisa Harrilall and we thank her for sharing her recipe for her Curried Mutton Stew with Dumplings. As the cold weather hits, there really could be few nicer meals to enjoy with the family. INGREDIENTSMutton Pieces1/4 cup flour1 large onion1 small tomato6 sprigs of thyme1/2 teaspoon mixed herb1/2 teaspoon […]

Shane’s Mutton Curry Recipe

I have been working on this Durban Mutton Curry recipe for many years and there are still many years more to go – but I am getting somewhere. Every time I cook curry, it is an adventure, it is therapy and it is fun. Whilst the ingredients & quantities are pretty standard, I have a […]