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Mutton Curry Breakfast Buns

Mutton Curry Breakfast Buns

It is Saturday morning and I had some Muton Curry left over from our experiment to try and figure out if, “Durban Curry is really better the next day”.

What could be better than curry for breakfast? So with a song in my heart, I knocked these breakfast buns together for my Wonderful Wife and myself. The teenager is obviously still sleeping, his loss.

If there is anything that the WW likes more than carrots … it is cheese, so she had hers with some cheese.

Me, I am a mutton curry & egg man, so I had mine with a fried egg. I am not the biggest fan of cheese.

So easy to make

Whilst we normally have it on toast, we had these really nice buns left over from last nights burgers. I am a real big fan of a toasted bun, so 1+1=2 and this was the result.

Really simple. Cut bun in half, add your curry and whatever topping you like, heat non stick pan or toasted sandwich maker or George Forman Grill or whatever you have at your disposal. (even a clothes iron will work, as we learned in the Army. Just wrap in tinfoil)

HINT: If your roughly chop the curry in the pot, it makes it easier to handle. (see photo below)

Put some butter (or margarine) in the pan and place your bun in the butter and move it around a bit until it toasts nicely. When the one side is done, gently flip it over with a spatula and toast the other side.

So easy, you can even get the kids teens to do it while you sleep in on a Saturday, or maybe not as they will probably still be sleeping ….sigh.

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