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The Lazy Way to Cook a Durban Mutton Bunny Chow

Mutton Bunny after crazy day. I really wanted to make a curry for dinner, but was not enthusiastic about the whole mission of cooking. I had a mixed mutton pack which I had already taken out a bit earlier to bring to room temperature, so there was no turning back. Lazy mutton curry. I took […]


Durban Curry with Coconut Milk

After my friend shared some photos on Facebook of an amazing curry, which was cooked with minimal sauce and thickened with coconut milk, I wanted to give it a try. The last curry which I cooked was a bit oily, so I was intrigued to try cook a curry with less oil and less sauce. […]

Shanes Durban Lamb Curry Recipe

This is my step-by-step recipe to cook a Durban Lamb Curry. The lamb was really of a fantastic quality and very soft, so I used a slightly different technique to how I normally cook mutton curry and braised & sealed the spiced lamb in oil beforehand. Normally (like for mutton curry), I add the raw […]