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Durban Curry with Coconut Milk


After my friend shared some photos on Facebook of an amazing curry, which was cooked with minimal sauce and thickened with coconut milk, I wanted to give it a try.

The last curry which I cooked was a bit oily, so I was intrigued to try cook a curry with less oil and less sauce. As I normally make bunny chows, I always make extra sauce so this was really something different. I also did not put much of the usual seeds and barks etc in, just powdered spices. I added a few green beans, because it tastes incredible and my wife loves it.

The ingredients and techniques are pretty much how everybody in Durban cooks a curry, however I cooked this one in my electric pressure cooker, the Midea Instachef. I absolutely love this incredible appliance, it really has changed my day-to-day cooking routines. I will add the timings which I used, below.

Whether you cook on the stove, or use an appliance like an electric pressure cooker, the method is the same, it will only be the cooking times which will change. This is a very simple recipe.


  • 1kg Meat (Lamb, Mutton, Chicken, Mince)
  • 100ml Sunflower Oil
  • Spice Mix – 3tsp Mother-in-Law Masala, 2tsp Chilli Powder, 1 tsp Cayenne Pepper, 1 tsp Jeera (Cumin Powder). 1tsp Fennel Powder, 1tsp Turmeric
  • 3 Green Chillies, split
  • 1 Medium onion, grated
  • 3tsp Garlic & Ginger Paste
  • 1 Tomato, grated
  • 1-2 tsp salt
  • Handful of green beans
  • Curry Leaves
  • Coconut Milk


  • Place Oil in the pot on a low to medium heat
  • Add spices and allow to start to fry (do not burn your spices)
  • Add chillies & onion and cook till soft. Midway, add your garlic & ginger paste
  • Add your meat and allow to brown
  • Add your grated tomato and continue to braise until the tomato has melted
  • Add water, if necessary, cover and cook until the meat is soft
  • Add salt, potatoes, green beans & curry leaves.
  • Cook until all is soft and looks good enough to eat.
  • Add coconut milk, stir and simmer for a few more minutes
  • Serve with rice, roti, as a bunny chow, or even on toast – enjoy it however your heart desires.
  • Serve with sambals
  • As always, there is no right or wrong way if it tastes good. There are so many different techniques, tricks & family secrets, there is truly no right or wrong way. Enjoy. (For example, I very often add my tomato before the meat. I am trying to figure out which method works better, but am still undecided. I guess all that is important, is what works on the day)


  • Braise spices, onions & garlic – 3-5 mins, lid off – fry function
  • Braise meat, 5 mins, lid off – fry function
  • Soften meat, 5-10 mins (depends on type & size of pieces of meat), lid on – stew function
  • After potatoes have been added, 5 mins, lid on – let pressure naturally release.
  • After coconut milk has been added, 1-5 mins or as per your preference, lid off – fry function


  • Use a spatula or flat based utensil so that you can scrape the bottom of the pot as you stir.
  • Add a chunk of fresh ginger to your rice while it is boiling, to give a hint of aromatics.
  • If you are getting bored with the usual sambals, try cut the carrot and onions differently.

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