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How to Get those Beautiful Yellow Potatoes in your Curry

Durban Mutton Curry Recipe, using Durban Curry Lovers All-in-One Masala

I am sure at one time or another – I know that I sure have – you have looked at those beautiful yellow potatoes in a curry and though to yourself – just how do they get them like that?

The secret is not too complicated at all, in fact it it very easy.

There are two easy ways to get yellow potatoes, one is to sprinkle some turmeric over your potatoes, and the other is to mix a few drops of Egg Yellow food colouring in with your potatoes.

Peel and quarter your potatoes, place in a bowl and use one of the above methods, and let stand for 20 mins or so before you add them to your curry.

durban-mutton-curry-recipe (17)
Potatoes that have been mixed in with a bit of egg yellow food colouring
yellow curry potatoes with turmeric
Potatoes Sprinkled with Turmeric before adding to the Curry

Another tip, is to poke your potatoes with a fork. This will both allow the colour to penetrate into the middle of the potato, and it will also allow gravy to penetrate into the middle of the potato and make it nice and soft.

Add your potatoes into your curry, about 20 minutes before you estimate that it will be ready.

Using the tips above, you will have your guests scratching their heads, trying to figure out just how did you get your potatoes that beautiful colour.

Or, you could just skip all the hard work and just use Durban Curry Lovers, All in One Masala.

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