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6 Ways to Reduce Excess Salt in a Curry

Oh no … too much salt!
We have all done it at some time or another and added too much salt into our curries.

These 6 ways to reduce excess salt in your curry, may well just save the day.

6 Ways to Reduce Excess Salt in your Curry
1. Raw Potato: Peel and wash a raw potato and cut into half. Add the raw potato to your curry and remove after about 20 mins. The potato will suck up some of the excess salt.

2. Boiled Potato: If you do not have any more raw potatoes, and you have a boiled potato in the fridge or are cooking, you can also place a boiled potato into the curry. The potato will suck up some of the excess salt.

3. Flour dough: Here is an interesting one. Make some dough balls from flour and water and place them into your curry (almost like a dumpling). Leave them in for about 20 minutes. The flour will absorb some of the excess salt.

4. Vinegar and sugar: Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar along with a tablespoon of sugar to the curry to balance out all the flavours. Since vinegar is sour and sugar is sweet, the overall flavour and taste of the curry should not change. If you need to add more, then try with a little and work your way up until you understand the ratios.

5. Onion: You can add either raw or fried onions. If you add raw onion then cut the onion in two pieces and put it in the curry. Remove the onion after few minutes. The onion should absorb some of the excess salt.

6. Cream or Milk: I left these for last, as these will alter the flavour and texture of your curry. Whilst it may not be a bad thing, in fact nothing with cream is ever bad, if you do not wish to change the outcome of your final product too much, then start from the top of this list.

If you know any other methods, or have tried any or these, it would be greatly appreciated if you shared in the comments below.

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