Durban Bunny Chow
Photo by Warren B (The Bunny Slayer)

The Bunny Chow, one of South Africa’s favourite foods and one that expats share crocodile tear emoji’s over, when they tell their friends what they would do to be able to “demolish a Bunny, RIGHT NOW.”

Thus, it may seem like a good idea to open up a takeaway or delivery service, selling Bunny’s, so I thought that I would share this bit of research with all who are interested.

One question which you may ask, is how long does a Bunny Chow, with the perfect amount of gravy, last before it becomes too soggy to enjoy.

As I am considering setting up a Bunny Chow delivery service, I consulted with the wealth of knowledge of the members of our group, “We are Durban Curry Lovers”, and ran a poll.

The results, so far, have been tabulated into the poll below, where you can add your vote to see the results.

To learn how to make a Durban Bunny Chow, read this article.

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