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How to make a Durban Bunny Chow

durban bunny chow
A typical Durban Bunny Chow and Sambals. Ready to be eaten with your fingers.

A Durban Bunny Chow is made by hollowing out a loaf of white bread and filling it with your favourite curry. Normally the loaf is cut into quarters, but often bunnies are made with half and even whole loaves.

Whilst any curry can be used to make a Durban Bunny Chow, such as chicken, fish, vegetable or the very popular sugar beans curry – by far the most popular and the most famous of all is the Quarter Mutton Bunny, which is obviously filled with Mutton Curry.

Cutting the inside of the quarter loaf is pretty much self explanatory, but it is putting in the curry which is the art.

The trick is to take a ladle and first pour gravy down the sides of the inside of the loaf, taking care to use the prefect ratio of gravy and oil to soak the bread to the prefect consistency.

Then you can add a smallish piece of potato and start spooning your curry into the bunny. Once you have filled your bunny, then spoon some gravy over the top and down the sides of the bunny.

For me, it is perfect when the gravy starts to pool at the bottom of the loaf, on the plate – but everybody has their own preference so just make it how you like it, there are no rules…. except that Durban Rules, ok.

Bunny Chows are served with a salad, known as Sambals, which is usually made with grated carrot, onion, chilli and tomato. Every curry master has their own special recipe for sambals, as much as they have their own special recipe for their curries.

Bunny Chows are eaten using your fingers and are the best when washed down with an ice cold Coca-Cola from the bottle.

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