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Mutton & Lamb Curry Recipes

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Durban Mutton / Lamb curry

In many minds, the Durban Mutton Curry is the King of Curries.

It is hard to argue …

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1 x 1/4 Mutton – take it away

Ahh, those beautiful words as you stand there salivating at the take away counter. In a few minutes you will be hunched over your bunny with an ice cold coke to wash it all down. For the next 20 minutes, the world stands still as you enjoy one of the absolute privilege’s of living in Durban.

Follow these step-by-step recipes and you will be able to cook your own Durban Mutton Curry at home.

You are invited to join our wonderful group, ‘We are Durban Curry Lovers‘ where a group of fellow curry addicts trade tips, tricks and the occasional family secret.


Latest Mutton / Lamb Curry Recipes

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Mutton & Lamb Curry Recipe Collection

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