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How to get that Beautiful Red Colour in a Durban Curry

Durban Mutton Curry Recipe, using Durban Curry Lovers All-in-One Masala

One of the questions, most frequently asked on our Facebook Group, “We are Durban Curry Lovers“, is how to get that beautiful red colour in a Durban Curry.

Whilst a teaspoon of paprika or tomato paste will most certainly make your curry a bit redder, the real red from a Durban Curry comes from the Chilli Powder.

Masala mixes like, “Mother in Law”, have a higher chilli content and will result in a deep red curry, but the best results come from using Kashmiri Masala, whether as part of your masala mix, or adding a few spoons of Kashmiri Chilli Powder to your favourite masala.

Kashmiri Chilli Powder is made from a milder, vibrant red chilli, which is grown in the Kashmir area in India . The Kashmir area is famous for their huge chilli markets with piles of chillies as large as a shopping centre parking lot.

Turmeric will give your curry a more orange colour, whilst adding extra dhania, jeera or soomph powder will make it slightly browner, so if you like to add extra of these powders then simply add some Kashmiri Chilli Powder to make your dish more red.

kashmiri chillies to give durban curry red colour
Dried Kashmiri Chillies

Our Durban Curry Lovers, All-in-One Masala has the perfect ratio of Kashmiri & extra special chilli powder, to give you a Durban Curry, which is perfectly balanced in terms of colour, flavour & aroma.

Our online store also carries Kashmiri Chilli Powder, Kashmiri Masala & Mother in Law Masala.

If you found this article from a search online, you are more than welcome to join our Facebook Group, “We are Durban Curry Lovers”, where a wonderful group of people, share their tips, tricks and family secrets in the quest to becoming master curry chefs.

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