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mutton curry marinate

Should I pre-marinate the meat in masala when cooking a Durban Curry?

Every now and then, in my quest to learn more about cooking a great Durban Curry, I come across the suggestion to pre-marinate the meat in a tablespoon of masala before cooking. I have done it many times in the past but not for the last couple of years, so I decided to revisit this […]

durban-mutton-curry-recipe (1)

Step-by-Step Durban Mutton Curry Recipe for Bunnychow

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a sever case of ‘bunny fever’, and we all know that there is only one cure for this serious ailment. Here is a step-by-step guide on how this particular dish was cooked. Whilst this specific curry was made with 2.25kg of mutton, I am going to reduce quantities to […]


Durban Chicken Curry. High-Heat Pre-Braising Experiment

I was feeling a little experimental and wanted to expand on a theory that I was pondering, that if you pre-braise the chicken, on high heat, before hand, that it does not break up as much when it is cooked, and if the ‘fond’ (those delicious caramelized bits stuck to the bottom of the pan), […]

dhania and cumin seeds tasted

I made Joshua Weissman’s Chicken Tikka Masala

Last night I made Joshua Weissman’s Tikka Masala. Started off by toasting a tablespoon of dhania seeds and a half teaspoon of cumin seeds. (Next time will do full teaspoon), after which I ground them up to a powder. Then into the spice grinder, I added 7 cloves of garlic, a thumb sized piece of […]

enwood Prospero culinarium

I bought a Kenwood Stand Mixer Combo from The Culinarium

A few months ago, I decided that I really needed a stand mixer / food processor compo type gadget. Watching all the amazing cooking videos on social media, it became obvious that I would never be able to cook some of the recipes, until, I too, had a fancy gadget to knead dough, chop, slice, […]


Do I have to use Tamarind in an Authentic Durban Fish Curry?

Last week I was craving a hot & spicy, Durban Fish Curry, so I popped down to Strand Beach and bought a fresh yellowtail that had just come in from the boats. The guys filleted it for me, right there for R10, and I went home with two beautiful fillets of fresh fish. When cooking […]


Let’s Burn Away The Tummy Bug with a Super Hot Chicken Curry

This morning our ‘almost six’ year old daughter woke up not feeling well. This is super unusual for us, as we are hardly ever sick. As she was walking out the front door this morning, up it came. Shame poor nunu. Then it started, ping, ping, ping on my wife’s phone, as the little ones […]

lamb rogan josh recipe

I attempted to cook a Lamb Knuckle Rogan Josh for the First Time

It was another one of those days. Month end and running off my feet with my day job. I really enjoy it when it is busy, I don’t like to sit still. I had just bought my monthly half lamb and had been waiting for an opportunity to cook with the latest addition to our […]


Practicing cooking Durban Chicken Breyani

Yesterday, I had my heart set on really taking my time and practicing cooking a proper Durban Chicken Breyani, using my sample of Durban Curry Lovers, Breyani Masala. This is a new addition to the Durban Curry Lovers range of all-in-one masalas, and will be available on our online store in the second week of […]

durban curry breakfast bun

Mutton Curry Breakfast Buns

Mutton Curry Breakfast Buns It is Saturday morning and I had some Muton Curry left over from our experiment to try and figure out if, “Durban Curry is really better the next day”. What could be better than curry for breakfast? So with a song in my heart, I knocked these breakfast buns together for […]

durban chicken curry recipe

The Easiest Durban Chicken Curry EVER

Earlier this afternoon, I cooked a cheeky Chicken Breast Fillet Curry for myself and it came out awesome. Perhaps too awesome, as when I sent a photo to my wonderful wife to tease her, she promptly instructed me that I had better have some Chicken Curry waiting for her when she got home. Being the […]

durban chicken curry with red onion

Can I use Red Onions in a Durban Curry?

A few weeks ago, we were having a discussion on our Facebook Group, We are Durban Curry Lovers, asking if one can use Red Onions to cook a Durban Curry. Now I know that Red Onions are perfect for sambals, but would they be too sweet for a Durban Curry and change the taste? In […]

samp and bean curry

Durban Style, Samp & Bean Curry

To say that today was a rush, is an understatement. I knew exactly what I wanted to cook, in fact I knew yesterday and possibly the day before, that I wanted to try a Samp & Bean Curry. My plan was to make Naan Bread to accompany it. What could be more delicious than some […]


Durban Tin-Fish Chutney & Boiled Egg

For lunch today, I felt like something quick, tasty and substantial enough so that I could skip dinner. As far as quick & tasty go, there is very little that can compare with a Durban Tin Fish Chutney (curry) The king of cheap meals that is enjoyed everybody from peasants to royalty. To a pot […]

Can I use a Food Processor when Cooking a Durban Curry?

It is Friday night and that can only mean one thing …. bunny chows. I had just over a kg of mutton, the last of a whole leg that I asked the butcher to cut into cutlets for me. I then divide it up into 4 portions and hand cut it into curry pieces when […]


Mutton Bunny, Beer, Music & Great Company

Yesterday afternoon, I set out to make a BIG Pot of Curry. It was time. We are now just about settled into the new house. Earlier in the morning I had just bought – at last – a “Hi Fi Stereo (for us oldies)” on which to play my beloved collection of LP’s, there was […]


Very Simple Durban Chicken & Prawn Curry with Roti & Sambals

Very Simple Chicken & Prawn Curry with salad & roti. I grated 4 small onions and fried them in some sunflower oil (just enough to cover the base of the pot) Low -Med, take your time with them. Let them caramelise nicely. When the onions were nice and soft, I added 4 tablespoons of Durban […]


The Lazy Way to Cook a Durban Mutton Bunny Chow

Mutton Bunny after crazy day. I really wanted to make a curry for dinner, but was not enthusiastic about the whole mission of cooking. I had a mixed mutton pack which I had already taken out a bit earlier to bring to room temperature, so there was no turning back. Lazy mutton curry. I took […]


Durban Lamb Curry. No Oil Challenge

Last nights lamb curry, with a bit of a challenge. How to cook a curry with no oil? I got home, slipped into something more comfortable, decided to quickly put the onions and their friends on to saute, whilst I get started on the dreaded ‘End of Day Report’, (which I have to submit every […]

Durban mince curry recipe

Cooking Beef Mince Curry & Rotis

I decided to cook a Durban Mince Curry & Roti whilst chasing the clock. Lots of lessons learned, but all in all a great result. The name of the game today, was speed. Firstly, it is month end and I am busy with my day-job paperwork & secondly because my amazing and wonderful wife’s tummy […]

Durban Bunny Chow

How long will a Bunny Chow last, before it gets too soggy?

The Bunny Chow, one of South Africa’s favourite foods and one that expats share crocodile tear emoji’s over, when they tell their friends what they would do to be able to “demolish a Bunny, RIGHT NOW.” Thus, it may seem like a good idea to open up a takeaway or delivery service, selling Bunny’s, so […]